was founded by Larry Poynter Jr. in Nov. of 2009. The company is an Indie label that is diverse in genre, but deals mostly in Urban, Hip Hop and reggae. Larry Poynter has been involved in the music industry since 1983 and has a long list of accomplish- ments and experiences both as an artist as well as an executive. South Coast Records is an Orlando based record label, but deals in global digital distribution as well as artist development. The company firmly believes in making the very best music possible as well as presenting their artists in a polished manner. South Coast records believes in staying on the cutting-edge on trending styles of music. South Coast Records' motto is "Real Talk, Real Music - South Coast Records", which sums up the whole persona of a South Coast Records team member.

Recently, Larry Poynter Jr. the CEO of South Coast Records did a one on one interview with Robinlynne of Vibes Live! In the interview Larry Poynter Jr. talks about the history of the label, the artists and introduces some of the songs to the listeners. Listen to the full interview by clicking the embedded link above!



Larry Poynter Jr.Larry was born in September of 1969 in Louisville, Kentucky. At an early age Larry "LUV" Poynter knew that he would be around music in one way or another. 1978 was the first time Larry heard a Hip Hop record and from there it was history. Being around Hip Hop when it started gave Larry a birds' eye view of what would become the biggest genre of music in the industry. Big business was not the case in the late 70's early 80's. Being the first generation of Hip Hop was not easy. Many thought that the new style of music - popular only in the inner city - would fall off like many other trends of the past. Larry "LUV" started as an MC with some local kids after moving to California. West coast Hip Hop had not made an impact in the industry yet, but the underground scene was quickly taking over not only the inner city, but the suburbs as well.

Luv started performing in 1983 in a group called "Breakers in Command". They would charge $100 dollars to not only rap at house parties - but also break dance and DJ. After high school Larry LUV joined the military which showed him the differences in the way people felt about music from country to country.

After the military, Larry LUV moved back to Louisville to resume his music career. He formed the Indie label TRA DUCE, playing off his address in the west end of Louisville. Larry quickly gained momentum in the local scene and by 1990 he and his crew were performing at every major event to come through the city. He also partnered up with local business owners for sponsorship to his label. TRA DUCE in their first year sold 10,000 cassette tapes in the tri-state area, performing with a long list of artists that at the time were large in the industry. Between 1990 to 1993, Larry Luv sold close to 30,000 tapes without the help of any outsider (and on a very small budget). TRA DUCE, like other small artists at the time, fell victim to slimy promoters and managers that taught Larry to be extra careful when dealing with people in the industry.

By 1995, things were looking up for Larry LUV music wise, but he had to make the choice of leaving music behind for the sake of raising his son. This was an easy decision but for the next 12 years Larry LUV fell off the music scene all together to be a single dad. In 2008 Larry's son was a junior in high school so Larry LUV decided that music was very important to him and that he should get back into it at some capacity. In 2009 he started South Coast Records with the experience of an artist and knowledge of a polished business man. South Coast Records is an Indie label that believes in great music first. They have a very diverse artist roster that ranges from Hip Hop to Reggae. The goal for South Coast Records is to be known globally for introducing polished, well-defined artists that have the knowledge of the industry.



Over the last 20 years, Larry Poynter has ran many companies in unrelated fields and has matured as a business person as well as an artist. His background in music and business has prepared him to take South Coast Records global with its distribution and has laid the ground work for his company to have longevity in the industry. Larry has been on numerous radio appearances as well as regular rotation. He has been on regional and national tours as an artist and has a knack for artist development as it relates to overall image and stage performance.

Larry Poynter has performed with the following groups to crowds as large as 30,000 people:

  • Run DMC
  • Tupac
  • M.C. Breed
  • Big Daddy Kane
  • Whodini
  • Naughty by Nature
  • UMC's
  • Rakim
  • Too Short
  • Salt & Peper
  • BizMarkie
  • ... and many more


South Coast Records is focused on making real Hip Hop music but we want to allow hip hop to express itself as well. The music has evolved and it's a great thing. It proves that we made it. We don't need a Grammy to be in the game, but you MUST make quality music. Money, ho's and clothes are just a bi-product of your grind. The real magic is making people move. Our vision is to be known as one of the real one. As a label, we are looking to make the BEST MUSIC possible. Our reputation needs to be 100% green light at all times. We have had the pleasure of working with some of the best in the city. Orlando has a network that has been brewing now for a minute. The beautiful thing about it is that we all get along.


Interview with Larry Poynter, Jr.

It was 1979 when hip hop came into his life. 32 years later that fire still burns in the belly of Larry Poynter, Jr., the CEO of South Coast Records. "Hip Hop in the beginning was not accepted like it is today. We were rebels trying to be heard, trying to be respected as artists and not just a passing trend that wouldn't last," says Larry, AKA "L.A. LUV", who was part of that first generation of rebels. Moving from coast to coast as a child gave Luv the advantage of seeing hip hop from the West and the East coasts' point of view. South Coast Records, although only three years old, has been the brain child of LUV for years. Hustling cassette tapes back in the day taught LUV how to promote his music "out the trunk and without the help of the internet. "If you wanted 2,000 friends, you had to get your ass out there and meet 2,000 people," explains Larry.

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